Zokir Khalkuziev

My name is Zokir Khalkuziev, I am 26 years old and I live in Uzbekistan. I would like to share this video about how I met Lola Musoeva.

I have worked as a freelance web programmer for two years, and I take orders online. About six months ago, I was woken up at 4:00 am by a notification on my phone. It was to renew Lola’s website; I took a look at her website, and I was drawn to the stories about the many people she has helped find their identity, and work through difficult life challenges. I was so impressed that I stayed awake thinking about it. I was dealing with a lot of problems during that time, and I wanted answers.

I was amazed at Lola’s life experiences, the things she had suffered during childhood, how she has overcome them, and has now become a powerful woman of God who uses the wisdom she has learnt through her trials to free others. I have never told her this, but before I had even accepted her project, I started looking her up online through her social media profiles, because I wanted to know more about this woman who had captured my heart.

I started working with Lola, and I got to know her in more than just a business capacity. I didn’t ask her any direct questions, but somehow, she was able to detect what was in my spirit, and provide me with answers to all the challenges I was facing. Our communication took place through email, we never once had a conversation; but through our interactions, I was delivered from self-limiting beliefs, I realized that the only person stopping me from becoming who I was destined to be was myself, and I found my true identity. I began to operate in my full potential, to work towards my dreams by setting goals for myself and achieving them. Through Lola and her teaching, I recognized that I had spent my life in a coma, but she had woken up. I was once blind, but now I can see.  

I have never met anybody like Lola, so powerful and full of unusual knowledge that only life experiences can teach you. One of the most profound emails she sent me was two questions: “Zokir, how long is it going to take before you start seeing the potential that is in front of you? How long is it going to take before you start seeing the beauty in the life you’ve been given?” It was these questions that pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to start working on myself.

I now understood that when a person decides they are ready to remove the restrictions that have been placed on their life, there is nothing that can stop them from reaching their destiny.

Meeting Lola not only freed me from the bondage I had lived with my entire life, the job she hired me for gave me enough money to launch my business. I now own my own company, and I working on multi-million dollar projects. Lola taught me to remove all limitations and set big goals for myself.

Finally, I want to say that Lola saved me, she didn’t save me from outside influences, she saved me from myself. She has dedicated her life to pulling people out of low places and setting their feet on solid ground, if you apply what she teaches, you will achieve the same. Thank you for watching this video.

– Zokir Khalkuziev. Uzbekistan

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