In 2014, I visited Irina, she is one of my sisters in Christ, we go to the same church. Lola was also visiting, and I met her there for the first time. We started talking, and out of nowhere, she told me that I was pregnant, and I would give birth to a baby boy. I was shocked at what Lola said because I have never met her before. I was also excited because I have always wanted to be a mother, but I couldn’t because my husband was in prison. She then told me that I needed to leave the apartment where I was staying. I asked her how this is going to be possible when I am living with my Father and brother. For one, I look after my brother because he has a mental health disability, and second, I was living at the apartment rent free, which was very convenient for me. Lola could tell that I was hesitant, and repeated herself, this time she added, “I don’t know your situation, but you need to leave the place where you are living and don’t put your back where they can stab you with a knife.” She then left Irina’s apartment.

Two weeks later, I went to Valeriya’s house, Lola was there, it was her who opened the door for me. I began to tell her how everything she had told me had come true. I was pregnant with a boy. I hugged her and thanked her for speaking into my life. Lola asked me again to leave the apartment I was staying at, but I didn’t want to because I was comfortable and living rent free. A few months later, I met Lola again in Brooklyn. She asked me if I was still living in the apartment, and I didn’t answer her because I was irritated with her persistence.

One night, my father and I were asleep, I woke up to see my younger brother stabbing my father with a knife. He stabbed him 24 times because he was on drugs and did not know what he was doing. There was blood all over the place, I was so horrified with what I saw that I turned around, and my brother stabbed me in the back. I was three months pregnant at the time, my brother then committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor. I called an ambulance, my father and I were taken to hospital, but my father died. The doctors told me it was a miracle that I survived because the knife almost pierced an artery. Lola’s prophecies now made sense and it was only through the mercy of God that I was alive. The Lord was using Lola to protect me, but I ignored His help.

After I left hospital, I was homeless, so I moved in with Irina for a while, but I couldn’t stay there for long because I gave birth to my son and had to move to a shelter. I lost everything because of my disobedience and ignorance so I moved back to Ukraine to live with my husband. Now I have two beautiful children, my family is complete and I am very happy.

I learnt a very important lesson through this experience, that God’s way is the right way. But He has given us free will, and if we choose to ignore Him and depend on our own ego, destruction awaits us. Obedience is definitely than sacrifice, I am extremely grateful to God for the way He has used Lola in my life.

– Viktoriya.  Brooklyn, New York

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