Vasil Kozak

I am a former director of Black Oil Drilling Company Joint Venture. In December 2003, Lola was hired by my company as a general accountant, a year later, she became the vice president. She was a good employee and very wise, I was extremely impressed with her and asked if I could visit her home. She told me that she goes to church and runs a ministry, I was surprised because the majority of people from Uzbekistan are Muslim. I asked if I could come to church with her because I was interested in her faith.

I soon started to notice that Lola was different to all the other employees and the women I associated with at that time. I have always enjoyed reading and learning new things. I would debate about different topics especially the bible because I have read many religious texts including the Torah, Buddha and the Koran. I have also met famous psychologists such as Mirzakarim Norbekov. Each time I asked Lola questions about God, she was always ready to answer them. I was amazed at how well she knows God, she had a close relationship with Him. Also, while she was working for my company, we experienced significant financial breakthroughs, I had never met someone like Lola before. Although she wasn’t concerned about money, I used to joke around and tell her that she was Jewish because my company was doing so well financially since she was hired. Any time we had problems with banks and different government agencies, she always resolved the issues. I worked with Lola for about seven years.

One day, I decided to go to church by myself, part way through the service, the preacher said, “The Holy Spirit has spoken to me, and there is one man in here that needs to accept Jesus Christ” I knew the Bible very well, but I needed more knowledge and understanding before I made such a life changing decision. After speaking with Lola, I finally made up my mind that I wanted to know God. I have now found what I have been looking for my entire life, and I am extremely thankful to the Lord for meeting Lola.

– Vasil Kozak. Ukraine

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