It was November, 2010; I was really struggling at the time because of the terrible experiences I had endured as a child. I had a tragic life, my parents died when I was nine, and I had to look after my five year old sister. We lived in a small house with our relatives, but they didn’t like us praying to Jesus, and kicked us out onto the streets.

On this day, I was sitting on the bus crying uncontrollably; Lola got on the bus, I knew her, but she didn’t know me very well, so I walked up to her, and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned and greeted me, and noticed that I was crying. Lola asked what was wrong, and told me not to worry because she had just come from a church service where they had been praying for me. It was time for me to get off the bus, but the Holy Spirit lead Lola to follow me. I asked her if she lived nearby, she said no, she just wanted to make sure I was okay. I had never experienced such kindness, and I asked her if she was an angel.

As we walked down the street, we talked about many things. Feeling hungry, we stopped at a pizza cafe to eat. It was around 11:30 pm, and there were not many people around so it was very peaceful. I felt comfortable talking to Lola, I began telling her about the troubles I was facing. My sister was suffering from schizophrenia, and she had been admitted to a mental institution. I wasn’t doing well financially, and my home had no water, light or heating. Lola wasn’t bothered by this, and told me she wanted to stay at my place that night.

I was inspired by her confidence, and delighted that I would have company that evening because I was always afraid to go home. Not only was my apartment dark and cold, I lived in a very dangerous area. We arrived at my house, I wanted to show Lola that I didn’t have light, heating or water, but when I flicked the switch, everything turned on. The water, the heating and the light, it was supernatural, I experienced a miracle that night. Lola told me that as we were walking to the house, she was praying that Jehovah Jireh would manifest himself in my life and provide everything I need, and that is exactly what happened. I can not express how grateful I was.

I was 33 years old at the time, I was single because as an orphan, and a Christian, no one wanted to take me as their wife. But a few months after Lola came to my home, some wonderful things started happening in my life. A man that I did not know sent me a text message asking how I was. I didn’t respond because I didn’t think he was a real person. I told Lola about this man, and she advised me to do some investigations and find out who he was. If I was happy with what I found, I should keep talking to him.

During that time, Lola and I would meet in the evenings because she had a day job. But she was always tired because she said that she had something important to complete, and would stay awake until the early hours of the morning.

After a month of texting this man, he called and asked to take me out on a date. I was very nervous, I had never spoken to a man in that capacity before, neither had I been on a date. I asked Lola for help, she gave me clothes to wear and did my hair and makeup so I looked beautiful. The date went very well, but I found it strange that he knew so many things about me that I had not revealed to him. I later learnt that Lola had been speaking to him on my behalf, and because of this, he became my husband. We now have a wonderful life together and beautiful children.

I am grateful to God for sending Lola into my life, and that she was obedient to the things that the Holy Spirit was telling her. I was a very troubled person, but Lola was patient with me, and helped establish my new family. Also, my sister no longer suffers from schizophrenia, and she is married with two children.

Lola is a phenomenal woman, the favor of God surrounds her life, all of heaven support her. When she prays, her prayers are immediately answered, Lola is a radiant light in this dark world. I pray that the Lord blesses her exceedingly, abundantly more than she can ask or think.

– Umida Gafurova. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

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