I was involved in an accident that tore my family apart. I got married to a Christian man shortly after meeting him who moved to America not long after our wedding. I remained in our country with our daughter, and because of distance, my husband and I started having terrible problems. I wanted to travel to America to work things out with him and try and save our family. But he wasn’t interested, he went as far as to deny that our daughter was his. At the time, I was living with my husbands family, and they treated me like a slave.

I was having such a difficult time, and I remembered that my sister in Christ, Lola who had been a witness at our wedding was also living in America, so I contacted her for help. She told me to go to the embassy to get a visitors visa to the United States and speak to my husband face to face. I believe that God was speaking through Lola, I remember her telling me before I got married not to rush, to wait on God and he will provide everything at the right time. Lola also gave me a strong warning not to tell my husband I was on my way there. At the time, I didn’t know this was a prophecy, and I didn’t listen.

In September 2014, I made my way to America, when I got to JFK airport, I learnt that my husband had cancelled my documents because I told him I was coming. He paid he was living with another woman so he paid a lawyer to do it. I was forced to wait in the airport for three nights before the authorities sent me back to Uzbekistan. Lola tried to come and see me, but they wouldn’t let her.

When I arrived home, some of the people in my church had turned their backs on me because of the situation with my husband. They now saw me as a sinner, and blamed me because my ex-husband didn’t come back. I was so depressed that I had given up on life and wanted to commit suicide. I even found it difficult to take care of my child, but I kept communicating with Lola and she gave me spiritual advice. After a while, my faith grew, and I continued trusting God. Lola always knew where I was spiritually and she would send scriptures to encourage me.

I was later reinstated at the church, but my husband and I got divorced and I wasn’t very happy about that. I kept asking the Lord to save my family, but His plans were different than mine and I believe that God knows best. However, I continued praying for a family because my daughter needed a father. I later met a Jewish man who lived in the United States, he wanted to get married and start a family. He proved how serious he was by coming to Uzbekistan and proposing to me. At first, I refused the proposal, I had rushed into my first marriage and I didn’t want to make the same mistake. I prayed about it for a while, then I realized how sincere he was and married him. He loved me and my daughter very much, and he has restored my hope in Christians. I believe that God has a good plan for our lives and I am very excited about it. I thank the Lord for Lola, she has been a blessing to me and my family.
– Silvia. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

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