I have known Lola since her childhood. But we never communicated so closely with her. I want to testify to you how God helped me through Lola. Me and my wife, the blind disabled people in retirement, have a family and three children. It was 2018, I had debts for electricity and could not pay for gas for more than a year, And so, they began to come from the electricity and from the gas of the inspector so that I would pay them the full amount of money or they would turn it off … I didn’t know from whom to borrow money as I didn’t want to get into debt. Once they called me and told me to take the money that was sent to my name. The next day I received money and it was from Lola from America. But what was interesting was the amount that I paid all the debts, and I paid it was a miracle. I always pray to God to bless Lola a hundred times more.

– Ravshan. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

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