I was sitting in the train coming home after work.  I saw a familiar face,  it was Lola but I did not know her personally.  I approached her as I saw her at our church.  Suddenly Lola started speaking to me as a prophet with an urgent voice  “Don’t be a mother to your husband,  let your husband be real husband and you be his wife”.  After she left the train but I stayed with my confused face and with questions as to how she can know about my life and my husband which she never saw.  Because at that moment my husband had drug addiction.  I was in a difficult financial situation.  I was paying my husband’s debt and rent for an apartment. 

At that moment I did not realise that we had classes at the same Biblical college.  Once I told Lola about my situation that my mother in law called me and yelled at me that I am not a good wife for her son.  She said to me  “Move to Florida and stay with your mother in law.  God already is provided everything there.  Your place is there not here”.  I thought about her words a lot.  And after three months I moved to Florida by mother in law.

My husband still had a drug addiction and my mother in law saw her son’s true face.  I kept in touch with Lola by phone.  She always encouraged me and she was to me as a real sister.  I decided to invite her to visit my place.  I missed her and felt lonely in a new place.  After her arrival we spent time together.  One night we were sleeping,  it was around 2 am in the morning.  She woke me up and started to talk to me about the cleaning business”.  It was so strange for me to learn the cleaning business.  Because that time I was already working as a house cleaner.  I misunderstood her and did not get her idea why she told me about it.  I rejected her with anger at that moment.  After two days I took Lola to the beach.  That is the interesting thing,  before Lola’s arriving I checked the weather and it showed all day rain for the whole week.  Lola told me that  “Where I am there is always sun”.  It was true,  all days that Lola was here in Florida were sunny days.  We went to the beach and it was a wonderful day.  While we were swimming I saw two gays and everywhere was foggy and cloudy.  Lola started to pray in water and suddenly I saw the light on the top of Lola’s head.  I took my phone to take a photo and called her  “Lola,  open your eyes and look up”.  It was a beautiful sky and the glory of God was upon her.  She said  “Let’s jump!”.  After her words all fishes in the water jumped from everywhere.  One of the fish hinted to my head and I saw with my true eyes how nature was glorifying God.  After her departure it started to rain a lot.  And I remembered her words that “  Where I am there is sun,  after my leaving it will be rain”. 

After the departure of Lola,  three days later my brother-in-law told me that his mother-in-law lives in the country and needs to return back to her home country.  That is why she was selling her business and car.  She was the owner of the Cleaning business and needed to sell it for a little amount of money.  I suddenly remembered Lola’s words as  “Learn the cleaning business…”  I was amused by hearing this offer for business and cars.  That is how God works.  I was so upset that I misunderstood Lola’s words.  I took this opportunity and bought the business for the cheapest price and the car. 

Meanwhile I had a business in Florida and my husband was in rehabilitation in North Carolina.  It seemed that everything was becoming normal in its places.  After 5 long years I talked to Lola by phone and told her that everything that she prophesied became true,  exactly as she told.  From the beginning as I met Lola my life completely changed to the best side.  Now my husband is with me and we have a child living together.

There were a lot of prophecies through Lola and all was true and came true.

Lola is really a blessing to me from God.

– Olga,  New York

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