I am employed as a manager for the Adam Travel Company, my office is located in a building on Wall Street Manhatan, Lola’s office was on the same floor as mine, and that is where I met her. As a friendly gesture, I told her to stop by if she ever needed anything. Lola took me up on my offer, and one day came and asked for some botled water.

I had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and that day, I was in so much pain I couldn’t even sit down properly. I was  trying to pray namaz, and when Lola saw  me, she politely said, “Mohammad, you are holding a grudge against a woman, and unless you forgive her completely, all the praying in the world isn’t going to change anything.” I was offended and wanted to argue with Lola but she was so  kind hearted, I was unable to respond in the way that I wanted to. We had a long conversation, and she spoke to me about how unforgiveness is the cause of many diseases, and the reason why some people never heal. I remembered my last hospital visit when the doctor told me that because my body had rejected the treatment, seventy two percent of my organs had been destroyed, I  was  literally  on death’s door.

I took Lola’s advice and started forgiving everyone I held biterness in my heart for. After a while I started feeling beter, and  my spirit became joyful. A few months  later, I went back to the hospital for a blood test. When the doctor called me with the results,  he  was  shocked,  and wanted to know what I had been doing because the  tests revealed that there was no more cancer in my body. That day, I was born again, I became a new person, and I’ve never been so happy. In the evening I went to Lola’s office and offered her a ride home. I told her that I was cancer free because I had chosen to forgive all the people who had hurt me, and she was very excited.

I thank God that I met Lola, I will always be grateful that she chose to share her wisdom and insight with me. May God bless her abundantly.

– Mohammad A. Manhattan, NY

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