I moved to the United States over ten years ago to study at Baruch College in New York City. After I graduated, I was unable to find a job related to my field of study because I was an undocumented immigrant. To support myself, I had a variety of menial jobs. Lola and I attended the same church, and during one of our conversations, she told me that there was a way to legally apply for my documents, and that I should do this as soon as possible because I would need them shortly. I was working at a medical office at that time. However, I wasn’t doing well emotionally, and it took me a while to start filing my paperwork.

Shortly after my conversation with Lola, my manager gave me three days to produce my social security number and work authorization. I was warned that if I failed to produce these documents, I would lose my job. I was afraid that I would not get the documents on time, but a miracle happened on the third day, and they arrived.

 Unfortunately. I later lost my job due to some personal issues I was dealing with, and I started struggling financially. When I was at my lowest, I met Lola in a bakery, we talked about some of the problems I was facing, and she asked me if I needed some money. Due to my pride, I didn’t want to accept help, and I said no; but I started meeting with Lola at the bakery often, and each time, she asked if I was in need of financial assistance. Although I kept on saying no, Lola told me to ask her if I ever needed money.

My situation got so bad and I didn’t have anyone else to depend on, so I eventually asked Lola for help. She immediately transferred the funds to my account, and even though I didn’t speak to her for three months after receiving the money, Lola never once asked for it back. She is a naturally kind hearted person.

Shortly after, my landlord evicted me, and I had nowhere to stay. I remembered that Lola had once told me that she had space in her house for a guest. I didn’t want to become a burden, so I asked Lola if I could stay at her place for one month because my apartment was being renovated. Her home was warm and inviting, the Spirit of God flowed freely through her house, all my worries and anxieties left me and I didn’t want to leave. I asked if I could stay a little longer because my apartment was still being renovated, but I wasn’t telling the truth, the atmosphere was just so peaceful. Lola said I could stay for as long as I needed.

A few weeks later, I received a call from my mother that she was sick and my grandmother had passed away. I haven’t seen my family in over ten years, even though I could now work in the United States, my documents had not been approved for travel. I confided in Lola, and she reminded me that God is a miracle worker and He could resolve this situation; she told me to believe that I would receive a miracle.  Unfortunately, my faith was weak, and I spent all night crying about it. It was winter at the time, and I flew to Russia with one form of identification, and I made it into the country. I went to my grandmothers funeral and took care of my mother and then returned to the United States. It was truly a miracle because many people have tried the same and not made it back, or they were arrested at the airport. When I got back to America, I stayed with Lola for eight months which meant that she knew I had lied about my apartment being renovated, but despite this, Lola still allowed me to stay with her.

When I look back at everything Lola has done for me, I can say with confidence that she is one of God’s angels. He sent her to take care of me, I have never experienced love like this from anyone. She taught me how to love and how to be loved; and not one word that she has spoken over my life has failed.

Lola is a phenomenal woman, and I just want to thank her from the bottom o my heart.


– New York

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