I have known Lola since her childhood. But we never communicated so closely with her. I want to testify to you how God helped me through Lola. Me and my wife, the blind disabled people in retirement, have a family and three children. It was 2018, I had debts for electricity and could not pay for gas for more than a year, And so, they began to come from the electricity and from the gas of the inspector so that I would pay them the full amount of money or they would turn it off … I didn’t know from whom to borrow money as I didn’t want to get into debt. Once they called me and told me to take the money that was sent to my name. The next day I received money and it was from Lola from America. But what was interesting was the amount that I paid all the debts, and I paid it was a miracle. I always pray to God to bless Lola a hundred times more.

– Ravshan. Samarkand, Uzbekistan


I am employed as a manager for the Adam Travel Company, my office is located in a building on Wall Street Manhatan, Lola’s office was on the same floor as mine, and that is where I met her. As a friendly gesture, I told her to stop by if she ever needed anything. Lola took me up on my offer, and one day came and asked for some botled water.

I had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and that day, I was in so much pain I couldn’t even sit down properly. I was  trying to pray namaz, and when Lola saw  me, she politely said, “Mohammad, you are holding a grudge against a woman, and unless you forgive her completely, all the praying in the world isn’t going to change anything.” I was offended and wanted to argue with Lola but she was so  kind hearted, I was unable to respond in the way that I wanted to. We had a long conversation, and she spoke to me about how unforgiveness is the cause of many diseases, and the reason why some people never heal. I remembered my last hospital visit when the doctor told me that because my body had rejected the treatment, seventy two percent of my organs had been destroyed, I  was  literally  on death’s door.

I took Lola’s advice and started forgiving everyone I held biterness in my heart for. After a while I started feeling beter, and  my spirit became joyful. A few months  later, I went back to the hospital for a blood test. When the doctor called me with the results,  he  was  shocked,  and wanted to know what I had been doing because the  tests revealed that there was no more cancer in my body. That day, I was born again, I became a new person, and I’ve never been so happy. In the evening I went to Lola’s office and offered her a ride home. I told her that I was cancer free because I had chosen to forgive all the people who had hurt me, and she was very excited.

I thank God that I met Lola, I will always be grateful that she chose to share her wisdom and insight with me. May God bless her abundantly.

– Mohammad A. Manhattan, NY


Lola came into my as an answer to the many prayers I had been praying. I met her for the first time through my friend Nilufar. After having a conversation with her, I invited her to my house because I was unable to go out as my husband was paralyzed and very sick at the time. I was the only person taking care of him, he had been seen by many doctors, but none of them were able to find out what was wrong with him. I am Muslim, I was raised in a Muslim family with Muslim traditions. I wear the covering of a Muslim woman and read Namaz five times a day.

I had a very nice conversation with Lola, she was glowing from the inside out, and she was very kind hearted. That day, I desperately needed to talk to someone, and Lola was there for me, we spoke for about five hours and she listened to everything I had to say. Before she left, I asked her if she could come to my house again and she agreed. But when we got to the front door, she turned to me and said that my husband was paralyzed because of me. I was shocked, and I asked her why she was saying this, but she didn’t answer me right away, and left the house as she had planned.

Two days later, Lola visited me again, I asked her why she said I was responsible for my husbands paralysis. Instead of answering, she said, “Do I really want my husband to be healed?” I said yes. We started having a deep conversation, and while we were talking, I remembered something very important. When we first got married, we were poor, and my husband worked from early in the morning until midnight at the wood market. During that time, it was my one and only desire to be with my husband, but we couldn’t spend a lot of time together because he had to work. I prayed for 20 years that this would happen, but when he got paralyzed, I didn’t realize that it was the answer to my prayer. This is what Lola meant when she said I was the reason why my husband was paralyzed. Lola told me to repent, renew my mind, and let my husband go, she then left my house.

The next morning, when I woke up, my husband was sitting in front of me, and I was shocked. He could walk and use the toilet himself. After seeing this, my entire life flashed before my eyes. My life, and the life of my family completely changed. I used to be very aggressive towards my them, but that is no longer the case.

I am very grateful that Lola came into my life as God’s anointed person.

– Fatima. Uzbekistan

Zokir Khalkuziev

My name is Zokir Khalkuziev, I am 26 years old and I live in Uzbekistan. I would like to share this video about how I met Lola Musoeva.

I have worked as a freelance web programmer for two years, and I take orders online. About six months ago, I was woken up at 4:00 am by a notification on my phone. It was to renew Lola’s website; I took a look at her website, and I was drawn to the stories about the many people she has helped find their identity, and work through difficult life challenges. I was so impressed that I stayed awake thinking about it. I was dealing with a lot of problems during that time, and I wanted answers.

I was amazed at Lola’s life experiences, the things she had suffered during childhood, how she has overcome them, and has now become a powerful woman of God who uses the wisdom she has learnt through her trials to free others. I have never told her this, but before I had even accepted her project, I started looking her up online through her social media profiles, because I wanted to know more about this woman who had captured my heart.

I started working with Lola, and I got to know her in more than just a business capacity. I didn’t ask her any direct questions, but somehow, she was able to detect what was in my spirit, and provide me with answers to all the challenges I was facing. Our communication took place through email, we never once had a conversation; but through our interactions, I was delivered from self-limiting beliefs, I realized that the only person stopping me from becoming who I was destined to be was myself, and I found my true identity. I began to operate in my full potential, to work towards my dreams by setting goals for myself and achieving them. Through Lola and her teaching, I recognized that I had spent my life in a coma, but she had woken up. I was once blind, but now I can see.  

I have never met anybody like Lola, so powerful and full of unusual knowledge that only life experiences can teach you. One of the most profound emails she sent me was two questions: “Zokir, how long is it going to take before you start seeing the potential that is in front of you? How long is it going to take before you start seeing the beauty in the life you’ve been given?” It was these questions that pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to start working on myself.

I now understood that when a person decides they are ready to remove the restrictions that have been placed on their life, there is nothing that can stop them from reaching their destiny.

Meeting Lola not only freed me from the bondage I had lived with my entire life, the job she hired me for gave me enough money to launch my business. I now own my own company, and I working on multi-million dollar projects. Lola taught me to remove all limitations and set big goals for myself.

Finally, I want to say that Lola saved me, she didn’t save me from outside influences, she saved me from myself. She has dedicated her life to pulling people out of low places and setting their feet on solid ground, if you apply what she teaches, you will achieve the same. Thank you for watching this video.

– Zokir Khalkuziev. Uzbekistan


I was sitting in the train coming home after work.  I saw a familiar face,  it was Lola but I did not know her personally.  I approached her as I saw her at our church.  Suddenly Lola started speaking to me as a prophet with an urgent voice  “Don’t be a mother to your husband,  let your husband be real husband and you be his wife”.  After she left the train but I stayed with my confused face and with questions as to how she can know about my life and my husband which she never saw.  Because at that moment my husband had drug addiction.  I was in a difficult financial situation.  I was paying my husband’s debt and rent for an apartment. 

At that moment I did not realise that we had classes at the same Biblical college.  Once I told Lola about my situation that my mother in law called me and yelled at me that I am not a good wife for her son.  She said to me  “Move to Florida and stay with your mother in law.  God already is provided everything there.  Your place is there not here”.  I thought about her words a lot.  And after three months I moved to Florida by mother in law.

My husband still had a drug addiction and my mother in law saw her son’s true face.  I kept in touch with Lola by phone.  She always encouraged me and she was to me as a real sister.  I decided to invite her to visit my place.  I missed her and felt lonely in a new place.  After her arrival we spent time together.  One night we were sleeping,  it was around 2 am in the morning.  She woke me up and started to talk to me about the cleaning business”.  It was so strange for me to learn the cleaning business.  Because that time I was already working as a house cleaner.  I misunderstood her and did not get her idea why she told me about it.  I rejected her with anger at that moment.  After two days I took Lola to the beach.  That is the interesting thing,  before Lola’s arriving I checked the weather and it showed all day rain for the whole week.  Lola told me that  “Where I am there is always sun”.  It was true,  all days that Lola was here in Florida were sunny days.  We went to the beach and it was a wonderful day.  While we were swimming I saw two gays and everywhere was foggy and cloudy.  Lola started to pray in water and suddenly I saw the light on the top of Lola’s head.  I took my phone to take a photo and called her  “Lola,  open your eyes and look up”.  It was a beautiful sky and the glory of God was upon her.  She said  “Let’s jump!”.  After her words all fishes in the water jumped from everywhere.  One of the fish hinted to my head and I saw with my true eyes how nature was glorifying God.  After her departure it started to rain a lot.  And I remembered her words that “  Where I am there is sun,  after my leaving it will be rain”. 

After the departure of Lola,  three days later my brother-in-law told me that his mother-in-law lives in the country and needs to return back to her home country.  That is why she was selling her business and car.  She was the owner of the Cleaning business and needed to sell it for a little amount of money.  I suddenly remembered Lola’s words as  “Learn the cleaning business…”  I was amused by hearing this offer for business and cars.  That is how God works.  I was so upset that I misunderstood Lola’s words.  I took this opportunity and bought the business for the cheapest price and the car. 

Meanwhile I had a business in Florida and my husband was in rehabilitation in North Carolina.  It seemed that everything was becoming normal in its places.  After 5 long years I talked to Lola by phone and told her that everything that she prophesied became true,  exactly as she told.  From the beginning as I met Lola my life completely changed to the best side.  Now my husband is with me and we have a child living together.

There were a lot of prophecies through Lola and all was true and came true.

Lola is really a blessing to me from God.

– Olga,  New York


I moved to the United States over ten years ago to study at Baruch College in New York City. After I graduated, I was unable to find a job related to my field of study because I was an undocumented immigrant. To support myself, I had a variety of menial jobs. Lola and I attended the same church, and during one of our conversations, she told me that there was a way to legally apply for my documents, and that I should do this as soon as possible because I would need them shortly. I was working at a medical office at that time. However, I wasn’t doing well emotionally, and it took me a while to start filing my paperwork.

Shortly after my conversation with Lola, my manager gave me three days to produce my social security number and work authorization. I was warned that if I failed to produce these documents, I would lose my job. I was afraid that I would not get the documents on time, but a miracle happened on the third day, and they arrived.

 Unfortunately. I later lost my job due to some personal issues I was dealing with, and I started struggling financially. When I was at my lowest, I met Lola in a bakery, we talked about some of the problems I was facing, and she asked me if I needed some money. Due to my pride, I didn’t want to accept help, and I said no; but I started meeting with Lola at the bakery often, and each time, she asked if I was in need of financial assistance. Although I kept on saying no, Lola told me to ask her if I ever needed money.

My situation got so bad and I didn’t have anyone else to depend on, so I eventually asked Lola for help. She immediately transferred the funds to my account, and even though I didn’t speak to her for three months after receiving the money, Lola never once asked for it back. She is a naturally kind hearted person.

Shortly after, my landlord evicted me, and I had nowhere to stay. I remembered that Lola had once told me that she had space in her house for a guest. I didn’t want to become a burden, so I asked Lola if I could stay at her place for one month because my apartment was being renovated. Her home was warm and inviting, the Spirit of God flowed freely through her house, all my worries and anxieties left me and I didn’t want to leave. I asked if I could stay a little longer because my apartment was still being renovated, but I wasn’t telling the truth, the atmosphere was just so peaceful. Lola said I could stay for as long as I needed.

A few weeks later, I received a call from my mother that she was sick and my grandmother had passed away. I haven’t seen my family in over ten years, even though I could now work in the United States, my documents had not been approved for travel. I confided in Lola, and she reminded me that God is a miracle worker and He could resolve this situation; she told me to believe that I would receive a miracle.  Unfortunately, my faith was weak, and I spent all night crying about it. It was winter at the time, and I flew to Russia with one form of identification, and I made it into the country. I went to my grandmothers funeral and took care of my mother and then returned to the United States. It was truly a miracle because many people have tried the same and not made it back, or they were arrested at the airport. When I got back to America, I stayed with Lola for eight months which meant that she knew I had lied about my apartment being renovated, but despite this, Lola still allowed me to stay with her.

When I look back at everything Lola has done for me, I can say with confidence that she is one of God’s angels. He sent her to take care of me, I have never experienced love like this from anyone. She taught me how to love and how to be loved; and not one word that she has spoken over my life has failed.

Lola is a phenomenal woman, and I just want to thank her from the bottom o my heart.


– New York


My name is Elizabeth, and I want to share my testimony about what God has done in my life. I used to work as a model in Paris and New York, and I was very well known in the industry. But despite the money and the fame, I was depressed; I met my partner in New York, and married him shortly after. I had a baby and I found the changes to my life very difficult. As a result, I started taking drugs to relax and find happiness.

In May 2015, someone knocked at my door, I asked who it was, and the woman said that her name was Lola. I opened the door, and when she entered, I saw brilliant sparkles surrounding her as if she was walking with God, but I didn’t say anything to her. I was suffering from severe depression at this time, and there was something very comforting about Lola’s presence.

I invited Lola to Omega, a meditation conference I attend twice a year. I woke up at 4:00 am every morning for meditation and yoga classes. I noticed that even though Lola didn’t attend the classes, peace came to her naturally. On the fourth day of the conference, I asked her where she got her peace and joy, and she told me about her life. Her story really touched me, and I wanted to know more about her. Every time I saw Lola, she was glowing, there was definately something special about her.

One day, Lola asked me two very simple but important questions, “Who am I?” and, “What do I really want from life?” That day, we spent almost four hours in a deep conversation and I learned so much from her. Her wisdom and knowledge was profound, I told her that she needs to share it with the world.

After my conversation with Lola, my views about life started changing. I learnt about the true meaning of forgiveness, how to love myself and love my family for who they were instead of having unrealistic expectations about who I wanted them to be. In all the years I had been attending meditation and yoga classes, I had not learnt any of this life changing information. I had wasted thousands of dollars trying to buy peace from gurus and shamans, but I didn’t find it until I met Lola. I had never met anyone like her, even though I was difficult to deal with at times, she didn’t judge me, she was very patient with me.

I didn’t trust people who said they believed in God because I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and it was a very judgemental religion. But Lola was different, I was drawn to her kind-hearted spirit. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior on 2nd September at 10:30 pm. All the wounds inflicted on me as a child by my parents disappeared, and we started rebuilding our relationship. That night, I experienced peace like never before and I slept so deeply. I am now learning how to forgive other people who have hurt me in my past.

A few weeks after accepting Christ, my father who I have not spoke to in years called me. He spoke kindly to me, and I told him that I forgive him. I stopped smoking marijuana and drinking, and I no longer have the desire to do these things. My relationship with my husband has improved, and my motherly instincts were awakened. I found motherhood difficult and did not appreciate my daughter before my salvation. The next time I saw Lola, I gave her a big hug and thanked her for everything she has done for me.

God is now an important part of my families life, and I can say with confidence that He does exist. Even when you are not faithful, He is; once His word is released, it does not return to Him void, and it was through Lola’s prayers that me and my family are now saved. The blessing of the Lord makes you rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.

– Elizabeth. Manhattan, New York


I was involved in an accident that tore my family apart. I got married to a Christian man shortly after meeting him who moved to America not long after our wedding. I remained in our country with our daughter, and because of distance, my husband and I started having terrible problems. I wanted to travel to America to work things out with him and try and save our family. But he wasn’t interested, he went as far as to deny that our daughter was his. At the time, I was living with my husbands family, and they treated me like a slave.

I was having such a difficult time, and I remembered that my sister in Christ, Lola who had been a witness at our wedding was also living in America, so I contacted her for help. She told me to go to the embassy to get a visitors visa to the United States and speak to my husband face to face. I believe that God was speaking through Lola, I remember her telling me before I got married not to rush, to wait on God and he will provide everything at the right time. Lola also gave me a strong warning not to tell my husband I was on my way there. At the time, I didn’t know this was a prophecy, and I didn’t listen.

In September 2014, I made my way to America, when I got to JFK airport, I learnt that my husband had cancelled my documents because I told him I was coming. He paid he was living with another woman so he paid a lawyer to do it. I was forced to wait in the airport for three nights before the authorities sent me back to Uzbekistan. Lola tried to come and see me, but they wouldn’t let her.

When I arrived home, some of the people in my church had turned their backs on me because of the situation with my husband. They now saw me as a sinner, and blamed me because my ex-husband didn’t come back. I was so depressed that I had given up on life and wanted to commit suicide. I even found it difficult to take care of my child, but I kept communicating with Lola and she gave me spiritual advice. After a while, my faith grew, and I continued trusting God. Lola always knew where I was spiritually and she would send scriptures to encourage me.

I was later reinstated at the church, but my husband and I got divorced and I wasn’t very happy about that. I kept asking the Lord to save my family, but His plans were different than mine and I believe that God knows best. However, I continued praying for a family because my daughter needed a father. I later met a Jewish man who lived in the United States, he wanted to get married and start a family. He proved how serious he was by coming to Uzbekistan and proposing to me. At first, I refused the proposal, I had rushed into my first marriage and I didn’t want to make the same mistake. I prayed about it for a while, then I realized how sincere he was and married him. He loved me and my daughter very much, and he has restored my hope in Christians. I believe that God has a good plan for our lives and I am very excited about it. I thank the Lord for Lola, she has been a blessing to me and my family.
– Silvia. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Vasil Kozak

I am a former director of Black Oil Drilling Company Joint Venture. In December 2003, Lola was hired by my company as a general accountant, a year later, she became the vice president. She was a good employee and very wise, I was extremely impressed with her and asked if I could visit her home. She told me that she goes to church and runs a ministry, I was surprised because the majority of people from Uzbekistan are Muslim. I asked if I could come to church with her because I was interested in her faith.

I soon started to notice that Lola was different to all the other employees and the women I associated with at that time. I have always enjoyed reading and learning new things. I would debate about different topics especially the bible because I have read many religious texts including the Torah, Buddha and the Koran. I have also met famous psychologists such as Mirzakarim Norbekov. Each time I asked Lola questions about God, she was always ready to answer them. I was amazed at how well she knows God, she had a close relationship with Him. Also, while she was working for my company, we experienced significant financial breakthroughs, I had never met someone like Lola before. Although she wasn’t concerned about money, I used to joke around and tell her that she was Jewish because my company was doing so well financially since she was hired. Any time we had problems with banks and different government agencies, she always resolved the issues. I worked with Lola for about seven years.

One day, I decided to go to church by myself, part way through the service, the preacher said, “The Holy Spirit has spoken to me, and there is one man in here that needs to accept Jesus Christ” I knew the Bible very well, but I needed more knowledge and understanding before I made such a life changing decision. After speaking with Lola, I finally made up my mind that I wanted to know God. I have now found what I have been looking for my entire life, and I am extremely thankful to the Lord for meeting Lola.

– Vasil Kozak. Ukraine