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There’s a big difference between achieving goals and setting goals.

When I ask them what their goals, dreams, and aspirations are,
most people have a pretty good idea of what they want. But when I
ask if they have a plan for achieving their goals, most people
haven’t formulated anything concrete.

There’s a big difference between setting goals and achieving goals. And when
it comes to setting goals, most of us continue to rely on hope and prayer
alone. But to actually achieve your goals, you need to create a plan for

There are several techniques you can implement as you design your personal
GPS for success. And if you invest a little bit of time to plan what you’re going
to do, versus trying to figure it out as you go along. You’re far more likely to
persevere and achieve what you set out to do.

Here’s a quick overview of the easy steps to achieve your goal.

The individual goals you set are stepping stones toward your true calling or
highest purpose.

When you have your goal written down and clear in your mind, it’s time to
visualize and strategize with tactics and a timeline.

Goal achievement.

Develop a clear vision of what you want to achieve in your lifetime. How do
you see yourself once you’ve accomplished your goal?
Mentally rehearse what your life will be like upon goal completion. What do
you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel? Use your senses to get clear on the
external and internal outcome of personal achievement.
This is your “goal achievement” vision. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to
move on to design a strategy.

Design a strategy.

A strategy allows you to figure out exactly what you must do in order to
achieve your goal.
Your strategy is basically the overall game plan.
Ask yourself, “How can I achieve my goals?”
ACTION. Develop tactics.

A tactic is a specific action item you’ll follow through with in order to put your
strategy into play. Developing tactics is a way to break down the strategy into
smaller tasks and to-do.

Write this down. Once you have your action steps clearly outlined, have a look
at your calendar.

Create a timeline.

So you’ve set your goal completion date for sometime in 2022 – 2023 great! To
implement your strategy, take your outline of tactics and organize your

Pencil in time for each individual action step. A timeline will keep you on track
to achieving your goal.
Got it? With strong motivation, a plan, and a timeline, you’re ready to achieve
any goal you set.

You can totally do this!

Why don’t people achieve their goals?


Feeling safe keeps you in your comfort zone to do what’s
comfortable to achieve even if you’re miserable. Even if you don’t like the
results, at least it’s comfortable and safe from your brain’s perspective.
There’s no risk or fear, worry or discipline involved when things are played


Your brain doesn’t like to change or new skills. It doesn’t want to
change at all. Change consumes too much energy. Changing thought
patterns, changing emotional awareness and feelings, patterns, habits, and
behaviors requires great effort. And to a brain that’s focused on conserving
energy for safety and primal purposes, change is risky business.
So yes, we all have competing priorities in the brain. And what’s more, we, as
human beings, will do more to avoid pain than we will to gain

So how does this relate to goal setting vs. goal achieving?
When you set a goal, you’re setting a goal because you think there’s going to
be emotional, financial, physical, spiritual pleasure, right? However, a brain
that’s focused on avoidance of pain soon puts the brakes on your excitement.
This is why the majority of people put the brakes on accomplishing their goals
and return to what they’re used to doing. You resort to feeling safe and stuck
in the comfort zone. It makes sense because “being comfortable” reduces the
brain-chemistry that produces all the tension, stress, anxiety, fear, and
negative self-talk.
To be aware of this fact is crucial. When you’re aware of the way your brain
functions, you can observe the chatter and you can learn to start making
decisions based on this awareness.

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