“Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for
the perfect moment – they create it”

The truth is, you have to make bold moves and mistakes in order to succeed. You have to make new mistakes, little mistakes, even big mistakes.

You can’t run a business without taking risks
Don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it
Seek both a second and third opinion
Believe in your ideas & be the best
The best way to learn is by DOING.

Once you’ve got that figured out, here are the action steps you need to take

Fire your inner spy.

Your inner spy is the critic in your head that keeps you stuck being pretty much “average.” You know the one, right? The negativity its voice often spews is debilitating and goal crushing. Have you noticed?

To release the inner spy, you need to call it out for its deception and negativity and then fire it on the spot.

Here’s an excellent way to do it:
– Close your eyes and take six deep breaths.
– Bring your inner gaze up and to your forehead.
– In that dark space between your eyes, imagine what your inner spy looks like.

Is it scary?

Is it comical?

A little of both?

What shape is the spy?

What color?

What size?

Now hear the lies coming from your inner critic.

What’s it telling you?

What does its voice sound like?

Is it telling you all the reasons you should stop moving in the direction of your dreams?

Is it telling you that you are not good at what you do, so what’s the point of spending all this time on it?

Maybe it’s telling you that you have nothing more to give or say and that your ideas are bogus?

What else does it say?

– Take a moment to observe the negative voice in your head, knowing that what it’s saying isn’t true.
– Now take a deep breath in and relax and as you breathe out, release the inner spy from your mind, heart, body, and spirit. Inner Spy, because of your lack of truth, constant deception, and negative attitude, you’re fired. You need to get out of my head immediately.
– Open your eyes and take out a piece of paper. It is time to draw your inner critic as it’s leaving your headspace. Go ahead and do it now!
– Draw what you saw.
– Now that you’ve removed your “gremlin” from your mind, do whatever
you want with it.

I suggest you post your sketch somewhere in your office so that whenever you hear any negative self-talk—distracting you from your important work, you can look at your drawing and observe the critical voice in your head as something outside yourself.

Recognize yourself as a great achiever as you release the limiting beliefs and see the truth.

Some people see their inner spy as a giant muppet-looking creature or an unruly, super annoying child. Others see theirs as a wicked old witch or a strange shadow figure.

What about you?

Please feel free to describe the inner critic you fired in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

Develop the mindset of an Entrepreneur or Billionaire

When it comes to developing the mindset of an entrepreneur , the bottom line is, you’ve got to start thinking like one. Genius millionaires, first and foremost, value themselves; they then align their other values with their goals.

Ask yourself:

What do I value most?

How can I make lots of money doing what I love and value?

Most millionaires, like geniuses, like to try new things. Highly intelligent human beings are known for being polymaths. They are always seeking out innovative activities, honing new skills, and networking with like-minded individuals. It’s part of their personality. They’re notorious for having a refined skill set.

However, the majority of people are not willing to invest in themselves—even for one hour a day. That’s why most of us never reach our full potential. And it’s not because most people don’t have the potential, it’s because they don’t have the right mindset, skill set, strategic plan, commitment, and
motivation to take action toward their goals.

To activate your inner genius, take one hour of each day to focus on getting better at what you love to do and who you want to be. It’ll be one of the best uses of your time.

Unleash your creativity.

There’s no doubt a creativity crisis in the United States & all over the world, at least in the public school system where children are being rewarded for their standardized test-taking abilities but not for their creative insight. Tragically, the loss of creative thinking contributes to the nation’s increasing lack of innovation in the arts and sciences.

Maybe it’s because creativity doesn’t respond well to time management or strict deadlines. Creativity takes time to explore. And in general, it’s acknowledged that creativity seems to happen “outside of
time,” as if the clock doesn’t exist.

And creativity is joyfully unleashed when there’s passion involved—that feeling of deep excitement you feel about your subject, your work, your project, your profession. You’ve felt it before, right?

Your passion fuels the engine of creative genius.

While in the process of figuring out what primes your creative pump, take note of your personal style.

What makes you unique?

What do you notice when you observe yourself and others?

How do you see the world?

So to get in touch with your creative side, learn how to brainstorm new ideas with your genius mind in tow.

Here’s a fun exercise for stretching your Einstein brain-muscle:

– Generate a list of crazy ideas about a problem, making the next idea more absurd than the one before.
– Select one of the crazy ideas.
– Ask yourself: What makes my approach unique?
– Extract the underlying premise of the idea;
– List the parts or features of that design, and
– Take one of the parts of that idea and use it to generate a new idea.

Geniuses have a variety of cognitive tools they use to create, breakthrough, and discover.

Luckily, we can harness these tools for our creations, too.

Let your mind wander through space from time to time.

Einstein indulged throughout his lifetime—one being his rebellion and another being his ability to totally tune out, space out and daydream. We should all start daydreaming more, don’t you think?

Close your eyes, fully relax & take at least six deep breaths, and “invite” your brain to daydream.

Let your mind go off on its own little adventure

Thoughts and feelings will arise and behave chaotically. That’s creative mind-wandering; watch it without interfering because this is how your brain solves the problems you’ve been consciously working on.

Take a 5 minute “daydreaming” break at least three times a day. And when you return to doing the work you love doing, notice how your productivity increases as your stress levels drop!

Access your intuition.

The last step was all about activating your inner genius through passion and developing your authentic style. In this step, practice awakening your inner genius.

Your inner genius knows how to nurture the genius part of your brain. You see, the way you observe your thoughts and behaviors from a place of divine wisdom is key.
Geniuses are keen observers of themselves, others, and the world around them.

Being tuned into our internal and external worlds is a unique quality because human beings often become complacent observers. It’s “a hardwired phenomenon amongst all animal species.

And when you pay attention to what’s going on within/listen to your intuition, breakthroughs are much more likely to unfold for you.

Take the time to listen to the quiet, peaceful wisdom of your mind-body-spirit. Recent research conducted by the inner-scientist, suggests that our intuition is our sixth sense communicating with us.

Pay attention to it.

Make decisions based on the guidance of your intuition. What does it want you to explore in this lifetime? Take notes on what your intuitive wisdom suggests.

It’ll be the best advice you’ve heard all year!

Be still and know.

Release your fear.

One major reason people live their entire lives with their genius mind in sleep mode is that they’re fearful. Let’s take the fear of failure.

For example:
The fear of failure is an illusionary fear that’s deceiving and manipulating you into believing that failing is a “bad.”

What’s next?

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