Anil Prasad

In 2016, I worked as a manager for John F. Kennedy Airport. On one of my days off, I decided to go into work and get some reports written. At around 2:30 pm, I made my way to my office at terminal 4. I saw Lola waiting in line, I greeted her and asked why she was so early for work. We had a short conversation about the job and other stuff. It was cold, windy, and rainy that day, so before I left Lola, I asked her if she would need a ride home. I knew she was finishing late, the trains wouldn’t be running, and neither did I want her to get caught in the bad weather . Lola didn’t call, so I called her and let her know that I was waiting for her.

On our way home, we started talking about God, it was at this moment that I knew there was something special about her; Lola was very passionate about her faith. I was raised in a Christian family, but I connect with it; there was something unique about Lola’s relationship with God. At that time, I had just got divorced and I was depressed, the things Lola and I discussed really helped me.

I started paying attention to Lola and noticed that she was always in a good mood, always happy and singing. She was a good influence on her work colleagues, and their lives were changing for the better because of the wisdom she imparted to them. In December 2017, I was forced to resign from my job, all the managers and general managers were getting arrested and I didn’t want to be next. It was a very difficult decision to make, I had worked there for over 30 years, and I loved my job. Unfortunately, I too was arrested and taken to jail. I called Lola and asked her to pray for me. She told me not to worry, and that God would take care of everything. She told me that when I go to see the judge, he will send me home because they made a mistake. Lola was correct, and I went home that day.

During that difficult period of my life, Lola spoke to me everyday, she helped me deal with the stress, and I finally started enjoying life. One night, Lola and I were hanging out, she was jumping around and dislocated her knee. She was in a lot of pain, and I got worried and called an ambulance. Her knee had swollen to the size of a small watermelon, but she started praying, her knee went back into place, and the swelling disappeared. When the EMT arrived and checked her knee, they noticed that it was red and hot, they asked her to bend her knee, stand up and put pressure on it. They were shocked at how quickly she had recovered. The following morning, Lola was fine, she was walking and jumping with no problems.

In 2019, Lola was driving the new car she had just bought, she hit a patch of ice and bent the front driver side bumper. I told her she would need to take it back to the dealer to get it repaired. Instead, Lola told me that her God will fix it; that night, she lay hands on the dent and started praying. The next morning, when I went to visit her, I noticed that the bumper was fixed, I asked her which dealer she took the car to at that time of the night. Lola said she didn’t go to a dealer, but prayed and asked God to fix the car. It was a miracle. I have visited Lola’s church a few times, and when we were on our way there, she would speak about different passages in the Bible. Those were the same passages the pastor would preach. There are many more things I have heard Lola say before it happened, but there is no space to record it here. What I can say for now is that Lola has got a very special connection with God, and I trust her with my life.

– Anil Prasad. New York.

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