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From cradle to the grave, your brain will process more events than there are stars in our universe. As your body’s “central processing unit,” your brain is in charge of a staggering array of functions, from processing and perceiving stimuli to motor control and memory storage. Habits, behaviors and beliefs programmed into your mind over a lifetime of responding to experiences are stored in long-term memory, and may cause you to resist new ways of doing things.

However, rapid shifts in neural activity can create new associations, habits, behaviors or beliefs. I AM Mind Academy’s Dealing with the roots methods help you to adopt new perceptions and behaviors and beliefs and solve old problems quickly and efficiently. Moreover, Dealing with the roots  applies practical mental training techniques shown through scientific research to improve mental and emotional functioning.


All things share the same breath - the man, the tree, the beast…. the air shares its Spirit with all the life it supports

-Chief Seattle-



In all thy ways acknowledge Truth, and Truth will direct your paths.



With all thy getting get understanding. Happy is the man that getteth understanding.



 Wisdom shall give to your head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall wisdom deliver to you.


The Brain and The Science

The evidence-based techniques that are found in all of I AM Mind Academy products include:

●  Cognitive Thinking
●  Success Meditation
●  Visualization
●  Guided Hypnotherapy
●  Subliminal Programming
●  Behavioral Modification
●  New You

We combine the above proven techniques to help people do mental and emotional exercises that we call Dealing with the roots. Benefits can include powerful improvements in mindset, attitude and emotional control that help reduce negativity and unproductive thoughts, eliminate unneeded fears and uncertainty, lower feelings of stress and anxiety, and increase levels of self-confidence and certainty. Combined with the right order and skills and knowledge, these proven techniques can set the stage for more positive behaviors by tuning the brain for triumphant victory over the obstacles so many people face in life.


See for Yourself

A vast collection of peer-reviewed papers scientifically validate the techniques we apply. These papers represent years of work by many of the world’s top brain scientists and psychologists. Read a brief summary of the science in the link below.

Working With The Roots Can Help You Lose Weight

Recently a group of professors from Humboldt University of Berlin did a review of the effects of mindfulness- based techniques on binge eating. What they found was that the studies that fit the criteria by which they were analyzing showed effects of large magnitude.



Change Your Mental Science,
Change Your Income

Achieve Your Goals... Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

Here is the Brain Experts Reveal The Most Powerful New Techniques To Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs, Fears, or Self-Esteem Issues That Are Holding You Back From Achieving Your Financial Goals and Dream Life




Discover The Fastest Way to Eliminate Any Fear That is Holding You Back

The latest brain science research reveals how to turn your biggest fear into your fuel for success

If you have any of these fears, this training is just for you:

● Fear of failure
● Fear of success
● Fear of looking foolish
● Fear of public speaking

● Fear of being unloved
● Fear of being judged
● Fear of change
● Fear of taking action

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